Monday 30 November 2009

Monday, Monday

The weekend was a total washout.  Alfie put his nose out of the door and then refused to take another step into the rain!  He did far better than Maddie though who barely managed to put her nose out of her bedroom!  Fantastic for me because I could spend the whole weekend scrapping!

On Saturday I worked on a layout from a job I did in 2003.  I took 300 passengers, by train, from Ashford in Kent to the Eden Project in Cornwall.  It was hard work but the weather was great, Eden was fantastic and I saw bananas growing!

On Sunday I did a layout which was very suited to the weather.  The picture was taken at a picnic in 2005 at the Alexandra Plantation in Richmond Park.  We had to shelter in a tree because it was pouring with rain, a regular occurance on picnics arranged by Lynne!

Today I've started working on Cheryl Johnson's 12 Days of Christmas Photography Course,  I've taken my Self Portrait and I'm quite pleased with it, I'm an amateur though so we'll see what the feed back is!

Now going to do the prep work ready to start the Journal Your Christmas course by Shimelle. I'm hoping to get the album cover done and the inside pages cut ready for kick off tomorrow.  Watch this space!

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