Sunday 28 February 2010

Way Too Much Rain

I can't remember the last time it didn't rain.  The park is like a swamp and the dogs don't like going out in it, they love being in the warm far too much!  At least they're getting on ok and actually sitting together:

Here's a LO I did just for the fun of it.  Jack and Oliver are my nephews and they really are best buddies, they would spend all their time together if they could:

The news this week is that I have to wear glasses now, only for when I'm on the computer though so that's all day at work and a few hours in the evening!  I'm hoping that once I've got them the headaches will stop.

Work is going really well at the moment and it's good to have something to do with my time, even better when it gets to pay day!

Just a short post because I'm frantically trying to get a CJ done ready for posting tomorrow and it's not going well at the moment.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Fabulous layout Jo

Glad to hear the job is going well, but must say I'm missing chatting with you most days on UKS.