Thursday 11 November 2010

Happy Birthday!

My blog is a year old today!

In the year since my blog started I have:
Got a job I love.
Learnt to knit socks.
Learnt to ring bells.
Baked more.
Scrapped more.
Actually started and FINISHED one of Shimelle's classes!
Made new friends and remembered the old.
Been to 2 craft shows, 1 christening and a wedding.
Completed a whole wedding album......I will get round to blogging it.
This year of blogging has been a happy one and I am going to blog more regularly from now on.
The only sad thing to happen this year was my nan dying last week.  She'd just had her 86th birthday and her life was amazing.  She was a lumberjill in the Land Army, a nurse for Bernardo's looking after 10 babies at a time, she travelled the world, had an amazing sense of humour, limitless energy and patience and I shall miss her terribly.
Thanks for stopping by, I have some lovely layouts to share soon
Jo xx

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Sian said...

Happy Blog Birthday!! And here's to many more happy years

Your Gran sounds amazing