Tuesday 16 November 2010

It's Freeeeeeeeeezing!

I was up early scraping the car this morning after a visit from Jack Frost.  Everywhere was white and the only sound to be heard was the other early risers removing ice from their cars, probably thinking the same as me....."I need to get some de-icer"!

I had a fantastic, relaxing weekend.  I stayed in the warm, in my PJs and scrapped, knitted and read.  Here's a couple of layouts to show you:
This is one of my nieces, her sister tends to feature in more of my layouts but that's because her sister can sense a camera from 100 yards away and always rises to a photo opportunity!  I love making these rosettes, I got the tutorial from MaryAnne over at UKScrappers. 

Another simple LO for Maddie's 16th Birthday, still got loads of photos to plough through from that day!

Just looked out of the window and the fog is descending, I've got a long drive today but would much rather be sitting in the warm getting my album ready for Journal Your Christmas.  At least I'll be with my sister, Jess, for the long drive.  She is always happy and bubbly and I'm sure we'll have a laugh which is what I need right now.

Stay warm
Jo x

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sandra@gottacraft.co.uk said...

Jo what gorgeous layouts - you've got such a great style of scrapping .. I love it. Thinking of you today xxx