Saturday 30 April 2011


Yesterday was such a great day.  Watching the Royal Wedding on TV took up all of my morning but it was lovely and the bride certainly looked like a Princess.

One of my sisters was fortunate enough to have a street party in her road so I popped along there to take a few pictures because her kids always make great scrapping material :)  My other sister was there with her boys too so that was a bonus.

Lots of bunting about:
Elsie with just a touch of face paint:
And Jack fully loaded with paint!:
After the quick photo opportunity I went round to my friend Sarah's where she was holding a little party in her garden.

Flags this time:
And she had a bouncy castle to entertain the younger children:
She will hate me for sharing this one:
And then she found this wig:

It really was a great day, the weather was lovely and it made me proud to be British :)

I hope you enjoyed the extra Bank Holiday
Jo xx


Alison said...

Looks like a fun day, Jo...I thought the wedding was a real fairytale event!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

You and me both Jo :) ... wasn't it just the most magical day?

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Looks like a really fun day with your family:)

Winnie said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

yvette said...

It was such a lovely event, and it is so great to get everyone feeling patriotic, looks like you all had fun and plenty to scrap later.