Monday 25 April 2011

I'm Back!

I have had a really busy time lately and not much time for sitting at the computer, it has been lovely though.  I had a few days off work before the long Bank Holiday weekend and spent them with Paul before he went off to spend Easter in the Black Forrest.  I also had 2 birthdays which involved BBQs to celebrate and an Easter Party.  Yesterday was a day of rest but I did spend some time in the sunshine with Alfie:
He loves ropes and could chew on them all day, unless he should hear a snail sneeze at the bottom of the garden and then he's on high alert!
Inbetween, shopping, cutting the grass, BBQs, parties and visiting Paul I did find the time to do a layout:
I started this one at a crop I went to a couple of weeks ago but just needed to put the finishing touches on it.
Me and Maddie went to a 25th Wedding Anniversary a few years ago, well it must have been about 9 years ago but it only feels like yesterday!  We had to dress up in 70s outfits so I made myself some flares and Maddie wore an original 70s outfit that used to be my sister's (my mum is a great hoarder!).
Lynne, the hostess, loves taking pictures and when we arrived the hall wall was covered in photos of 25 years of married life, it showed family and friends and was a fantastic idea.  I walked along looking at all the pictures and planning layouts in my head!

Today I'm planning a bit of a lazy day, I'll catch up on some blog reading, spend some time in the garden with Alfie, maybe do a layout or two, hopefully have a win at bingo and get myself and Maddie ready for work and school tomorrow.

The Easter bunny didn't visit me, I guess that's good for my hips though!  I hope you have had a great Easter break.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

That's a lovely photo of you Jo :) It's good to hear that you have had a relaxing break and I hope you do have a chance to get a couple of layouts done today!

Michelle S said...

Gr8 pic! I've had a busy weekend too! I'm having a chill today :) Maybe even get a layout done later 2!!!

Sue Jones said...

Great Layout. Enjoy a bit of relaxation after a manic time! No Bunny here ( not for me anyway) either ( just as well ;))

Alison said...

Sounds as though you've had a lovely time the Chocolate eggs for me either, but DH bought me a pressie today, which I'll post a pic of tonight!
Alison xx

Denise said...

Lovely layout,it's always nice to have a bit of relaxing time that's for sure. I love your cherries background and blog header-great combination of colours.

Winnie said...

Love the LO, looks great! Glad to hear you had a good Easter break.

Cheri said...

Glad your Easter break was good!

Goesturbo said...

BEAUTIFUL LO. I so adore when anniversaries/ birthdays have photo lay outs from previous years. It makes me smile and I LOVE to see the progression to 'today'. Can't wait to see what more you create!

Sandra said...

Such a lovely layout and a great picture of you. What fabulous photos of Alfie, he looks so much fun.