Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Elfin Tree

A few years ago I took Maddie for a little tour around London.  Being only 20 minutes away it's something we do often but, on this occasion, rather than just wander round we had a plan.  We were going to look at The Elfin Tree.  The Elfin Tree is over 900 years old, it's a tree stump that originally came from Richmond Park and was decorated with carvings by Ivor Innes.  In 1966 Spike Milligan led a campaign to have it restored and it is not situated in Kensington Gardens and is a Grade II listed structure, well worth a visit:
I wanted to include lots of photos so I made the layout quite simple.
The carvings really are amazing but it's hard to take pictures because it's surrounded by a cage.

I am still feeling a bit poorly but I'm getting plenty of rest at the moment, which I'm finding quite hard because I'm normally always on the go!

Hope your week has started well.
Jo x


Sian said...

That's so lovely Jo - I remember going to see it years ago, in the days before camera phones when I didn't have a camera with me!

Sandra said...

I didn't know about this tree, I think I'll have to go and visit it.

Hope you feel better soon. xxx (yes, I'm catching up with my blogs LOL)

Sarah said...

Great layout, shows off the photos nicely and love the little bird!! x

Winnie said...

Sounds interesting! Love all the flower and tree embellies you used.

Clare said...

Love all the nature touches on the layout, I have never heard of the tree but it sounds very interesting!

Alison said...

I've never heard of the Elfin tree, but it looks really interesting!
Alison xx

Amy said...

We visited Kensington Palace while in London a couple years ago. I loved London! We will return someday and go see that tree! Love the layout! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Rest is definitely a good thing!