Thursday 28 July 2011

I've Started so I'll Finish.....


I seem to start with all good intentions and then time passes by too quickly and things get brushed to one side, do I stress about it?  Never, what's the point?  Along will come a rainy day and those half finished projects will be picked up and a little bit added to them, some might even get finished and they are always something to plan and think about during long days in the office.

So this week I started photographing lots more of my day after I saw the Ali Edwards Week In My Life.

I noted the time I left for work:
Alfie checked that the coast was clear and it was safe for me to leave the house:
The view of my overgrown garden from the front door:
The walk to the bus stop:
Arrival at work:
So that was my Monday taken care of.  I did take some on Tuesday and then I forgot to take any more, maybe I'll just do a day in my life every Monday :)

I thought I'd show you a layout I did at the weekend, Maddie's 9th birthday.......8 years ago!
It wasn't until after I'd uploaded the picture that I realised it looks like I've put a carrot in the top left hand corner!
I love this picture of her on the bouncy castle.

I'm off work until Monday afternoon and I have some great plans.  Tomorrow I'm going the the Vintage Festival on Southbank and then I'm off to see Paul for the weekend, it's been too long since my last visit.

Have a fabby weekend and don't stress about those works in progress you might have lying around.
Jo xx


My not so simple life said...

great advice. hope you have an amazing weekend

Sandra said...

Oh Jo this post has been wonderful, I so love your take on life :). Great shots

Sian said...

Nice post. I'm very envious about the Vintage Fest - would love to be there! Please take lots of pictures!

Alison said...

Hope you enjoy your time with Paul...great LO!
Alison xx

Ali said...

lol at the carrot! have a great time.

yvette said...

It is capturing all those little everyday things that tell so much more about you.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Good advice Jo:) Great photo on the LO and I like the carrot!!
I'm very envious of your visit to the Vintage Festival.