Tuesday 11 February 2014

Week Six

Last week started off fantastically, here's why:

Paul turned 50 and became a lord!
So he had to have a special mug:
And oysters before his lobster :)
Then a beautiful birthday cake made by his niece and sister, it was delicious and had a Jack Daniels frosting!
I had lots of cuddles with this beautiful girl but I also got a bit sad because she's started to show her age :(
I managed to print all of my Project Life photos right up to date, it worked out to be 14 weeks worth of photos!
The final part of Paul's birthday celebrations was to go to Frieda's for afternoon tea :)
I started on a new blanket for Maddie.  She picked the colours and I think it's because they remind her of Barney the dinosaur, her favourite childhood toy :)
I splashed out on some Project Life bits and pieces and some new albums from Sarah's Cards, I was so impressed with how quickly the order arrived!
Alfie loved the bubble wrap that my goodies were wrapped in, it was so funny to see him walking on it!
I gained 3lbs while I was at Paul's but I won the fruit raffle so I'm hoping for a good loss this week :)
Erm, then we had dirty pudding :)
Which Maddie really enjoyed!
I spent the whole of Saturday at the crop and had a great time.
Then on Sunday I had a big bowl of the best popcorn ever while watching a film and working on Project Life.
After days of rain we had a gorgeous sunset.
I had plenty of cuddles with him:
And rolled my eyes plenty of times at her:
Week six was a really great week with lots of good memories.

I hope you're spending your time wisely.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Unknown said...

must make plans to have a weekend in sunny essex very soon, when you can fit me in between cropping etc!! love Allison (lovely photos of sam and happy birthday to Paul x)

yvette said...

wow, what a busy week! Happy birthday to Paul, although belated. Looks like you had lots of nice celebrations, especially cake and dessert...and well done on winning the fruit, always a good start to the weekend. Lovely photos of doggies and maddie. xxxx

Emma said...

Sounds like a great week Jo. I am glad Paul (sorry - Lord Paul) enjoyed his birthday. That cream tea looks gorgeous!

Sian said...

That certainly does sound like a great week - one of those ones it's going to be nice to have all the little details to look back on years down the line

Barbara Eads said...

Okay, I'm admitting my ignorance right up front. But after all, I'm from the land of Jack Daniels!! I know very little about British royalty and titles. Is the "lordship" inherited and does it become official at 50? By the look of that sunset, you have a pretty nice estate there!! I loved all your photos and bits of your daily life!

Lisa-Jane said...

Goodness you've been busy! That afternoon looked great - made me hungry now though... ;-)

Susanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. Belated birthday wishes to the lord of your manor. It looks like you've got the photos to fill up most of the PL pages you bought. Enjoy putting it together.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a great week that was. So much to put in your Project Life pages :o)