Saturday 15 March 2014

Project Life My Life!

Last year I decided that I would have a go at Project Life, I thought I'd give it a try and see if it was for me, I have to say that it definitely was!
For one thing it made me stop and think about my day as well as take a picture of the every day, every day :)
I always said the first year was going to be a learning curve for me and it was.  I decided to use all of my scrap paper and cut it down to size instead of buying any of the Project Life cards.  It worked but it was time consuming and I did fall behind.
But the enjoyment of the project never left me, even though at the start of this year I was over 30 weeks behind!
I didn't allow myself to be overcome by the amount of weeks I had to catch up with.  I bought some Project Life cards and set myself a deadline.
At the start of this year I managed 20 weeks per month and I loved it.  I really enjoyed getting all of the photos in my album and looking back over my memories, smiling as I wrote my journalling.
I showed my album to my mum, she spent ages going through all of the pages and, when she'd finished, she looked at me and just said "This is our life". It is our life, it tells the good, the bad and the ugly and my albums contain many stories that wouldn't make it on to a 12 x 12 layout.
So for Christmas my mum bought me a Selphy printer and that has made the whole process even quicker, I can print any photo I want, when I want it and it's especially great for printing 3 x 4 photos.
I got in to a rhythm as I was doing my pages.  I'd work out where my pictures were going, what cards I was going to use, then what washi tape, stamps and embellishments and then I would do my journaling.
And it was strange working on those earlier weeks because it hadn't seemed that long ago that I'd been actually living in those weeks.
I'm so proud of my albums and I love it when people want to look through them, I love how they appreciate them and it is amazing when my album inspires someone else to have a go.
I would say to anyone who's been thinking of doing it to definitely give it a go, it's one of the best projects I've ever done and one of the very few I've actually kept up.

So now I'm all up to date and it's the strangest feeling.  Instead of thinking each day of how many weeks I want to get complete I feel almost like something is missing as I wait for the week to happen so I can get it in the album.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my pages and I hope I've inspired you to give it a go if you've been sitting on the fence :)

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


furrypig said...

well those pages are great but they are sooooo much better in real life! I really appreciated you bringing them for me to see in 'real' life and I totally loved every single page. I could really see how I could use PL to capture the moments that wouldn't be made into a 12x 12 page (as you have said!)
Jo you are my inspiration for starting this project, I have only made my 2014 title page but I have started! Any more ideas or tips?
Thank you xxx

Lou said...

i like that pl includes the things that wouldn't make it onto a 12x12. a super super album Jo x

Sian said...

I certainly have enjoyed looking at your pages. They are full of life, in every sense of the phrase and I love them and the obvious enjoyment you and the family are getting from the whole project

Alison said...

You have done so well to catch up, Jo...your PL looks fab...and I'm thinking about a 'Selphy' so it was good to hear that you like it!!
Alison xx

My not so simple life said...

Great pages and well done for catching up!

Abi said...

You really should be proud of it Jo. What a fabulous record of your year. i agree with you, that the first year is a learning curve. I have definitely found my groove this year. Did you make that journalling card about 'when you have what you love". Where is it from because it is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jo you are really getting to grips with PL. Well done on all the catching up.

Sandra said...

I can't tell you how much I loved looking through your album he other day. It's something to be really proud of