Monday 31 March 2014

Unlucky For Some - Week 13!

Another week has raced by and we're hurtling towards the end of March already! Here are my highlights of the week:

Five days of the week are spent in the office but I'm so lucky to work with my lovely girl :)
My reading glasses arrived so hopefully no more headaches now, well fewer headaches at least:
My afternoon snacks this week were massive strawberries, they were delicious but it seemed weird eating them in March because I always think of them as a summer fruit!
I had lots of cuddles with this boy, he slept on me for an hour the other evening and he was snoring like a train!
I managed to get some crochet done, this is a blanket I'm working on for Maddie.  I have eczema on my hands and wool really makes it flare up so I have to have long breaks in between working with it, it's horrible when you have a condition that stops you doing one of your favourite hobbies :(
I had a great night out at bingo with my BFF, we had a lovely dinner and although I didn't win she had a great win :)
At the weekend I said goodbye to my beloved Goldie :( This car really has a personality like Herbie from The Love Bug.  The man at the dealership asked me where Goldie was parked and then he spotted her.  She'd been washed, waxed and parked in the sun and she was gleaming like a bar of gold bullion! "Blimey" he said, "she is gold".
I then said hello to Sylvie and I'm really hoping she has a great personality too.  I know she'll give me my freedom back because everyone seemed to spot me when I was out in Goldie but now I'll blend in when I'm out on the road :)
I spent some time with my lovely aunt Sally, Sylvie's previous owner.
And I showed her my Project Life album, she loved it.  Once she'd looked at it she understood why I took pictures of absolutely everything :)
I also showed my album to my sister-in-law, Lisa, another one who thought it was great.
These two shared a kiss and a cuddle :)
I treated myself to some flowers and a glass of wine.
Dirty pudding was Swiss Chocolate and Salted Caramel Melting Middle Pudding and it was amazing!
I got week 12 in my Project Life album:
So I'm still bang up to date with that.  I love doing it so much that sometimes I wish I was still behind so that I had loads to do!
So this week really was a great week for us.

I hope you had a good week.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Unknown said...

That picture of Aunt Sally looking at your album ... OMG she now looks so much like your Mum! xx

Sandra said...

You've had busty week haven't you :) I must admit I'll get confused for a while when I drive into the car park at the crop as I'm always looking for Goldie.

Barbara Eads said...

I love all of your photos. Your new glasses look really good on you. And your purple tulips are divine!

Sian said...

Great looking glasses!

I'm sorry to hear about the sore hands and the crochet. That blanket looks so good

Sian said...

ps I hit publish before I'd said - your enthusiasm for PL is really inspiring

Michelle S said...

Loving ur PL! im still up to date yeh! Ur glasses r fab! Catch up soon hopefully x

Lisa-Jane said...

How lovely to be sharing the albums with so many people! And welcome Sylvie the silver car.

Lisa-Jane said...

How lovely to be sharing the albums with so many people! And welcome Sylvie the silver car.

Lou said...

They are lucky to be able to flick through your PL album! looks like you've been having a ball x

Becky said...

A busy week but looks like fun! Hope you enjoy driving your new car :)