Tuesday 25 March 2014

Week Twelve

Another week has passed already. It was a much quieter week round here, though. Here are the highlights.

I had the first salad of the year, it was delicious:
I bagged a bargain when I bought all of these little note pads from Wilkinson's for the grand sum of 50p!
I had a very early visit to the sorting office but it was to collect my Studio Calico kit so it was worth it.
A very rare treat for me:
I jumped on the bandwagon and took a make up free selfie to help raise money for cancer research, the campaign made £1 million in a day!
A trip to the opticians which told me I'm old and need reading glasses!  A positive though was that Maddie's eyes have stabilised so no new glasses for her.
My friend Sarah came over for the evening and had lots of cuddles with Alfie!
Oh look at this handsome boy:
I got week 11 of Project Life finished:
It's great being up to date :)
Dirty pudding was some a little different, they are delicious though.  I got them because Maddie's favourite sweet in a tin of Quality Street is the Golden Penny.
So lots of time spent with family and friends just chilling.

I hope you had a good week

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

You know I only visit to see what the dirty pudding is for the week and you made me wait right 'til the end!

Michelle S said...

Loving ur PL and dirty puddings! I feel another meet up is needed! I'm not featured enough in ur PL hahahahaha

Barbara Eads said...

Looks like you've had a productive week. I need to get myself to the eye doctor---thanks for the reminder!

Sian said...

There's been some good eating and drinking this week then :)

Someone here got reading glasses this week too. Not me - I haven't been able to see a thing without mine for years!

My not so simple life said...

Great bargain and love the PL pages

Sandra said...

I'm so impressed how up to date you are on PL ... Show off lol

Lou said...

great PL pages Jo..I enjoying see your weekly round up photos x

Susanne said...

Great round-up. You are doing so well on the PL, I'm envious!