Monday 29 December 2014

Weeks Fifty One & Fifty Two!

Wow, here we are in week one of 2015! The last year has flown by and here are the highlights of my last two weeks of 2014:

Maddie had her very first blood test, my mum had to put her in some sort of a head lock first though!
She was quite proud of her war wounds :)
I had to say goodbye to one of the most charming, funny and amazing men I have ever met.
I had a very festive dirty pudding :)
We watched Christmas films together :)
The results of Maddie's blood test came back clear which was a huge relief!
Someone didn't know the height of their vehicle and caused chaos in Epsom!
I gatecrashed my sister Jessica's Christmas party:
And then went to my own Christmas party with my other sister Jemma:
I popped in to wish my friend Sara a Merry Christmas and she very kindly chopped my hair off :)
And I spent a lot of time knitting and watching TV.
I went to the panto with my friend Sarah:
And then put the finishing touches to all of the Christmas presents I made this year;
Before baking some more Christmas presents:
I had this to help with the wrapping of the final presents and it made the job a whole lot more enjoyable:)
And then it was time to bake my mince pies:
And snickerdoodles :)
On Christmas Eve I had a lovely relaxing evening knowing that everything was done :)
And the stockings were under the tree:
Christmas morning was lovely, Maddie has a new favourite hat:
And Paul loved his sweeties :)
My nephews Jack and George loved the presents I made for them in Chelsea colours :)
My aunt Sally taught Maddie how to dance :)
I finally got round to making something for myself, just in time for the cold weather:
And Alfie got to have some cuddles with Paul :)
The weather stayed crisp and dry and luckily we didn't get any snow:
And before I knew it Christmas was over, Paul and Pippy had gone home and I was left with the last piece of chocolate cake :)
The past two weeks have been great and now I'm really looking forward to the New Year.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a lovely round up Jo. Some tears, but plenty of laughter too. Looking forward to sharing 2015 with you.

Becky said...

What a great round up Jo. Glad that you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a very happy new year.

Sian said...

A very enjoyable read, as always!

I'm glad the blood tests were clear - she's done very well to get to her age without any, but I hope whatever gave her cause for this one goes away very soon.

I'm looking forward to reading about 2015

Sandra said...

Looks like you've had a fabulous few weeks over the Christmas period ... Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings you xxx

Emma said...

I just love seeing all the things you have been making (the hats and pies look particularly good).
Your new haircut really suits - love those photos. It looks like you've had a busy couple of weeks :)

Alison said...

What a busy time you've had...lots of fun too though!...glad the blood test was clear- my Kirsty HATES needles so it's a nightmare every time! Xx