Saturday 28 March 2015

Marsden March

Almost a week ago I set off for my biggest walking challenge to date, 14 miles from the Marsden Hospital in Chelsea to the Marsden Hospital in Sutton!
I did it with the bingo girls and a few other friends.
And I felt very nervous and excited when I reach the Marsden in Chelsea on Sunday morning.
Here are some of us all ready for the off.
And here is Sarah photo bombing me just as we're about to cross the start line :)
I didn't take that many photos and there are lots of things I missed. I just about managed to get a photo with the windmill on Wimbledon Common but I was just too tired to even think of taking a photo of my sister and mum waiting at a local pub to cheer me on.  Nobody got a picture of the moment when my sister handed me her glass of cider and I downed it! (well I had just walked 10.5 miles!)
And I did get a photo at the halfway mark, although the sun has obscured the number 7 on the sign. What I didn't get was a photo of Lin's hubby Steve who had kindly met us 2.5 miles from the finish with hot tea and bacon rolls! That was so welcome and we were all very grateful.
I did get a picture of me about to cross the finish line but I didn't get any photos of how the last 2 miles were virtually all up hill!
We started together and we finished together, encouraging each other to walk those last few hundred yards.  I couldn't have done it without them.
I took a quick picture of my medal so that I could text it to my sofa supporters :)
And I was lucky enough to get away with just two, large, painful blisters!
So with this post I have my photos along with my memories.

Now I am asking myself...what next?! :)

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Jane said...

congratulations to everyone taking part x

Sian said...

Jo, that's fantastic! Many congratulations all round

Lou said...

well done jo x you gotta love a photobomber x

Susanne said...

Well congrats to your whole group - that is quite an undertaking!