Monday 9 March 2015

Week Ten

The year is really whizzing by, here we are having just finished week ten already!

The weather has been great:
I fancied a bacon buttie for dinner :)
I had a bit of luck at bingo :)
I started a cross stitch project:
I had to go to the dentist for a filling :(
Which meant I could only eat soft food, I opted for this :)
I met up with my friend Lauren for lunch :)
But stuck with the soft food option :)
I lost 4.5lbs on my soft food diet and got Slimmer of the Week :)
As well as Greatest Loser for my group :)
I celebrated with a cheeky glass of red :)
They predicted a heatwave at the weekend and for once they got it right!
I went to the crop:
Where we were joined by Bertie and Molly :)
I had a bit more luck at bingo :)
And spent Sunday sewing:
And crocheting:
And now it's time to start all over again on a fresh week, let's hope it's a good one for all of us. 

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

Slimmer of the Week! Hurray! That's fantastic.

Did you see on call The Midwife last night someone said that the smell of bacon made a house a home? I thought of that when I saw that lovely looking buttie picture

Have a great week!

Becky said...

Apart from the filling looks like a good week! Well done on the Slimmer of the Week and the Greatest Loser award. You have inspired me to join and I lost 4.5lbs in my first week and I am loving it, so thank you!

Anonymous said...

As a vegetarian of some 25years plus standing I have to say I still love the smell of bacon sandwiches. Well done with your slimming awards.

Sandra said...

You're an inspiration on slimming world ... I really think you should be on their cover at some point. Yay for seeing my little girl on your blog xxx