Monday 26 October 2015

Week Forty Three

Week forty three was a quiet one, here are the highlights:

I had lots of cuddles with this boy...when he wasn't engrossed in a TV program!
I went for a lovely long walk after work, I haven't been doing my evening walks and I've missed them.
I got up to date with Project Life :)
I had a night out with my bestie :)
I added more squares to my mood blanket while Alfie snuggled on the blanket!
Dirty pudding :)
The boss treated us all to Nandos for lunch :)
I actually managed to get Maddie to come shopping with me!
And got cross that out of date food was on the shelf!
I did some late night scrapping :)
And made a smart choice when Paul took me out to lunch :)
We had a night out at bingo with friends and Paul had a win!
Me and Paul had a trip to Ikea, it was rammed but he wanted to be like a tourist and go during the weekend! Me and Maddie always go midweek when it's a lot quieter :)
I enjoyed a glass of wine and my new candle :)
And then Paul went home so I enjoyed a cupcake while watching Downton Abbey :)
This week is going to be another quiet one and, now that the clocks have changed, I'm looking forward to getting cosy indoors after work and making some Christmas presents :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

Yes: all of a sudden I'm looking forward to lots of sitting on the sofa and knitting in the evenings.

That first photos is hilarious. What a face.

have a great week Jo

Lizzy Hill said...

I do enjoy your weekly posts! Love the crocheting. Wish I could settle to craft other than paper...but it's just not in me! Nice boss....Ikea on weekends? EEEEK!!!! We're enjoying the longer evenings in this part of the world!!!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh, Alfie looks like he is concentrating very hard! Rather you than me with the weekend IKEA trip. Have a great week Jo x

Becky said...

Nice to,see you still working on the blanket. It must be getting huge by now!

Sandra said...

IKEA at a weekend. Is he mad lol. I do love seeing your round up of the week, and any photo that has my boy in it, has to be great x