Wednesday 16 December 2015

Five Favourites Finished!

At last I've finally got my five favourite photos from October scrapped and ready to share!

Now that Maddie is older I don't get many chances to use my Halloween stash so I was pleased when she grabbed this spider hat to try on :)  I'm also very please with the web I drew using glitter glue!
Although I chose one photo from this set of photos I'd taken I decided to scrap them all in the end, we always have a laugh when we're taking selfies and I wanted to show that in the layout :)
This is another one where I added an extra photo, I found it hard to pick just one so decided to do them both.  My niece Alice certainly is a crazy lady :)
I have a ton of photos of these two but I love the look on Alfie's face in this one :)
This layout I'm just not sure about, I thought the background paper was perfect to document a nice walk in the park but now I don't think it works.  I'm not going to change it though and hopefully it will grow on me once it's in the album.
So that's another nine photos scrapped meaning another five layouts in my albums. It also means that I'm almost bang up to date with scrapping 2015! Woohoo :)

I'll be back soon with my five favourite photos from November.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx 


Sandra said...

Fabulous layouts for sure, and I'm glad you put of the smiling selfies on a layout. Certainly worth it.

Barbara Eads said...

Wow, I'm quite impressed that you've accomplished so much at this busy time of year! Great layouts.

Sian said...

Oh lovely! I'm 100% sure you'll like your walk in the park page when you come back to it. I opened an album I did about five years ago yesterday and surprised myself..I didn't know if I would like any of it but I loved looking through it in the end

Lizzy Hill said...

That's seriously impressive being up to date like that! And I really like the last one. It's ethereal & almost looks like a floating nature scene behind the photos...they're all lovely. I think my fave is the 'halloween' one.....SERIOUSLY...GLITTER GLUE???? That is waaaaaay impressive!!!

Becky said...

Great layouts and I LOVE the selfie one! Must get on and do my final 2 for October!