Wednesday 9 December 2015


Saturday 5th December really was the busiest day of my year, the first thing went in my diary back in January and then the events and invitations just kept arriving!

Obviously I couldn't fit everything in but I gave it a good go!  Here are the highlights:

I woke up to a purple sky which I took as a good sign, it was my friend Clare's wedding day and purple is her favourite colour! Great start :)
This was my first outfit of the day, I'd been so looking forward to wearing this :)
First stop was the hairdressers so Sara could tidy my barnet up :)
And then I stopped off to give my nephew, Oliver, his birthday present.  Technically then, my first event of the day went in the diary nine years ago when he was born :)
After seeing Oliver open his present I went to the Christmas crop :)
After I'd managed one layout and had a lovely morning with everyone I got in to my second outfit of the day.  I love this dress and feel amazing in it :)
Then I head down to Smallfield Place for the highlight of the day:
I met up with the lovely Allison and her beautiful daughter Victoria:
And we watched one of our oldest friends, Clare, tie the knot with Heather :) They both looked so beautiful:
A nod to Christmas, these cute and unusual crackers were on the table:
The food was lovely and dessert arrived in a box!
And it was amazing!
And there was music......and I danced!
It was a beautiful wedding in a lovely house with amazing people and I was so fortunate to be invited.

The invitations I had to decline were Paul's Christmas party and Christmas bingo.  The girls sent me some pictures to let me know I was missed :)
And they did look festive :)
And they were well fed :)
But they didn't have the run of a manor house, in the country, with amazing food, dancing and two beautiful brides :)

There is nothing in the diary now for weeks!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

What a wonderful day! Full of fun & LOTS of activity....the wedding looks great. So nice they BOTH got to be brides, too...neat idea! Our DIL's dad & her partner are tying the knot in New Zealand just before Christmas, as marriage is legal there. Australia [sadly] lags behind...they've put the whole business in the 'too hard' basket, I think....anyways. fabulous you got to celebrate with your mates AND scrap AND eat amazing desserts. On ONE DAY!!!

Barbara Eads said...

But isn't that always the way? No invitations for ages and then several on the same day? Sounds like you managed to cram many fun things in to yours. It all looked like fun.

Sian said...

Wow! I saw some pictures on IG and so I knew this was going to be a great read. The wedding looks so lovely. And you were looking good in your elf suit!

Sandra said...

I honestly, didn't think you'd manage it all ... but you did! ... LOVE the dress, and the wedding looks amazing. So glad you had a fabulous day (even without me at the crop) lol xx

Becky said...

Wow! Busy day! I was watching your IG feed and couldn't believe how much you did. The brides looked wonderful!

Virginia said...

Wow a seriously busy day for you - looks like it was amazing though!