Friday 10 March 2017

We Need A Target To Get To Target!

At the start of 2016 I decided that enough was enough and I had to sort out my weight problem once and for all! 

I shared this picture of me failing to get in to a pair of jeans that I really love and I vowed that I would fit in to them by the summer:
By the summer I was in them and feeling fantastic!
The next target was to weigh lighter than my sister Jemma (middle) and late last year I did it.  So I was on to my next target, get to a lighter weight than Jessica (left) and I did that a few weeks ago!
Working towards small targets is really helping me to reach that final big target.  To get to that final goal I need to lost just 1st 5.5lbs and I know I will do it this year.  The only trouble was I didn't have another small target to aim for, until today. 

This morning Jessica gave me a bag of clothes and in the bag were a pair of jeans, not just any pair of jeans though, the jeans she wants to lose weight to get back in to.  Perfect, the goal I am working towards now is fitting in these jeans before she can :)
Weight loss isn't always about the scales, sometimes you just know your body is getting smaller or changing shape but the dial on the scales just isn't budging.  This is where those little, non scale victories, really help.  If you're getting married or going on holiday then you have easy targets to aim for.  If you haven't got big goals to aim for then look around for the little ones because it really does help.

I hope someone finds this useful.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Virginia said...

Jo I find it incredibly useful - thank you - I needed a focus this morning!

yvette said...

That is really good advice Jo, having achieved my goal and then let it all slip away I needed a reminder of how to get back there. You have done amazingly well and I am so pleased for you xx

Alison said...

Jo ... I really need to lose at least two stone, with very little motivation to do it. I really need to set those smaller milestones in place and just start! Thank you for sharing your journey. X

Unknown said...

I found a pair of jeans in my wardrobe this morning that I haven't worn for about two years. Thought I'd give them a try and they fit! I'd put on 1.5lb last night and was very disappointed so this happening this morning has made me remember how much I've lost up until now and made me feel better x

Gaye said...

I like checking with how you're doing to try and keep me going! I really need to set myself an achievable mini-goal so I don't give up

Unknown said...

Great blog Jo, such good advice, as always. When like me, you have a lot of weight to loose it can feel daunting! But small victories can help a lot and really spur me on ...thanks xx

Sian said...

I can see from the other comments how inspiring this post has been already. Keep up the good work!