Monday 27 March 2017

Week Twelve Included a Hike!

Week twelve whizzed by, here are the highlights:

After completing the Marsden March I decided to have the Monday off work.  I still had some strength in my legs so went for a walk with Sarah and Bingo :)
Then we went to The Harvester for breakfast :)
Before I went for a 50 length swim :)
I had a little win at bingo in the evening :)
Zumba was cancelled on Tuesday so me and my gal went to see Beauty and the Beast instead :)
Look at how gorgeous she is :)
My friend Jo couldn't make our Wednesday evening walk and it would have been so easy for me not to bother, I'd already done 10,000 steps and it was freezing.  The old me would have stayed indoors but the new me went for a walk by myself instead :)
After having an unexpected gain at slimming last week I was delighted with this massive loss!
And it made dirty pudding taste even sweeter :)
On Friday I went on a road trip to see Paul, I've been so busy and haven't seen him for ages :(
Look what he gave me when I got there :)
On Saturday we went for a walk along the seafront where we saw these goats grazing!
We actually walked over 5 miles along the seafront to Hengistbury Head!
The stunning views made the walk worth while :)
My mum had asked me to see if I could find the lily pond because she used to go there when she was a little girl, I found it! We're going to go back and take some pictures when the lilies are out :)
We then had the most amazing lunch at Hikers...
Which included cake :)
Before starting the long walk home.
Sunday we were back on the beach again and before I knew it it was time for me to head home :(
Another week has started and once again I'm looking forward to doing something fun at the weekend :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Becky said...

What a wonderful week! Envious that you got to see Beauty and the Beast - our cinema is booked out! Love your teacup :)

Sandra said...

It was the perfect weekend to be by the sea, wasn't it. You've got some lovely photos here and how kind of Paul to get that lovely cup for you x

Sian said...

There's a little part of me can't help hoping that some of your fitness could rub off on me just by reading about it..

Lizzy Hill said...

WELL DONE with the weight loss again. Weird, how it didn't happen last week. And you ate PANCAKES, too:)) Another busy but good week. I love that you exercise regardless of company, too. That's very dedicated!!!