Monday 4 January 2010

A Cold and Frosty Morning

Now that Alfie is better and Christmas and New Year are over and done with I started getting back in the routine of walking him over the park for an hour each morning.

Today it was bright but freezing and Jack Frost had certainly cast his magic over everything in the park:

I bought The Art of Crochet magazine today, it comes with a DVD, hook and yarn all for only 99 English pennies!  I won't buy the complete set because it would work out to nearly four hundred of the Queen's pounds just to make a blanket!!!  I got it for the DVD because, although my aunt has been trying to teach me since I was 7, I just cannot crochet.  I always feel like I need another hand but, as I don't like to be defeated, I'm going to give it another go. Watch this space for a picture of my creation......either a square or a big knot!

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