Monday 25 January 2010

Ready to Snuggle In

I finally finished Maddie's quilt at about 1:30 this morning!  I hand sewed the edge binding on and my eyes were so sore when I put the last stitch in.  I'm really pleased with it, my first attempt at machine quilting, and I hope she's going to look after it.

She chose the material, something to brighten her room up.

I added the lilac to break it up a bit

I have the top of a lap quilt ready so I might get the machine out and do something a bit more elaborate than just stitching in the ditch.


Claire said...

Wow, great work! She's going to love that for years to come I'm sure :)

Sandra said...

oh Jo ..... just stunning :) ... I bet you're over the moon with it, I know I would be.

Tracee said...

Wow great quilt and if you hadn't said I would never have thought it was your first one! x