Thursday 14 January 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I had such a lovely day today, I got some beautiful presents too.  PJs and 2 games for the Wii to help me lose all the weight that's been, I was going to say creeping when in all honesty it's been charging back on!  I also got some fantastic stash from my friends at Cheam Crop and I'll be showing you how I use it on some layouts I have planned. 

My best friend took me out for a lovely lunch, a total surprise and delicious.  We went to the carvery

And had a sundae for dessert

Smothered in butterscotch sauce with a flake on the side

I was totally stuffed but my Mum gave me Just Dance for the Wii so I had to have a go as soon as I got home.  I managed 2, yes TWO, only 2 songs and then I was totally done in!  It's great fun though.

Now I'm just going to have a relaxing evening in front of the TV with my knitting just like the old dear I am becoming he he he


Sandra said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day Jo :) That wii dance sounds like fun, and after that yummy looking dessert I'm not surprised you couldn't do all of it LOL. If you ever need help eating anything like that, you can always call me! LOL

yvette said...

looks delicious Jo, glad you had such a lovley birthday, I love that money box you made as well xx