Sunday 17 January 2010

Spring Clean Sunday

Ok I know it's not spring but the sun was shining through the window this morning and everything look so dusty so I had a mad cleaning session.  I had planned to scrap all day but I feel better now that everything is sparkling.

I went to bingo yesterday, had a voucher for my birthday but, as usual, I was just there to make the numbers up!  Got down to one number a few times so at least I got my heart rate up for a bit lol

Yesterday I finally finished sewing up a cardigan I've knitted.  I absolutely loved knitting it but sewing up is not one of my favourite things to do which is sort of strange because I love sewing.

I was pleased to find the perfect button in my scrapping stash

I'm half way through knitting the hat that goes with it and I'm hoping to get it finished by tonight so that I'll look like the smartest dog walker in the park tomorrow lol

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Allycat x said...

Lovely cardi Jo - I'm with you on the sewing up of knitted stuff - hate it! Usually do it with a crochet hook instead! Try that!