Friday 16 July 2010

Early Start

To the weekend.  I had a half day today so I dashed home, did the housework, went to see my sister in hospital (she's had something done to the disks in her back) and now the weekend is mine!

I thought I'd share a few layouts that I did.  I volunteered to set the weekly challenge over on UKScrappers, I volunteered when I was out of work and had all the time in the world! lol The date came round for my challenge and to say I was nervous would be an understatement.  The challenge I came up with was to use bright colours because the hot weather has turned the grass yellow and brown, to use a title from a TV program or film, to use flowers because I love them and buttons because every layout should have them.  I had to come up with a sample page but I actually managed to do 3 sample pages in the end!

One of the rug rats belongs to my sister Jessica and the other belongs to my sister Jemma but they are always together.

This one of my brother Jon's and another of Jessica's and they are best friends.

I found it relaxing cutting out the pinwheels and I love the way they look.

And the 'monsters' belong to Jessica and Jemma.

I'll never be short of scrapping material with all these nieces and nephews about!  We all went to my Mum's the other day, my brothers, sisters, their kids and me and Mads and there were 16 of us there in total and 1 absent because he was stranded at his other nan's because she had a flat tyre.  Quite a group but I didn't have my camera....doh!

I'm now looking forward to a very scrappy and hopefully happy weekend xx

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