Friday 4 March 2011

Ready to Relax!

I have been so busy since I last posted so this week has flown by!  Last weekend I was busy shifting furniture and I got 2 lovely new sofas.  To get the sofas in I had to remove over 60 cups that hang on hooks in my hallway, I then had to get my old sofas out which is no easy task.  Now I loved my old sofas, they were navy leather, battered and worn and you would just sink into them.....I loved them but I knew they had to go.  One of the sofas was a monster and I, with the help of my sister's partner, had to get them downstairs.  Now my stairs don't go straight down, there's a turn in the middle but, after much struggling we got them out.  The next problem we had was the dump wouldn't let me take a van in so we had to put them on the roof of my sister's car outside the dump and then hold on to them as she drove in, I just love jobsworths!  Anywhoo, lovely new sofas that I have forgotten to photo and share, I will another time (they're cream leather by the way)

Work wise I've been out on the road meeting clients and it's been exhausting but lovely.  It was awful going back into the office and trying to get through a mountain of work though!  I guess we all have to pay for the little pleasures in life :)

I did managed to squeeze in a crop this week and I actually managed to do a layout, I used the sketch on Shimelle's blog:
Maddie loves PJs, especially all in onesies.  As soon as she gets home from school she puts them on and at the weekend she lives in them and basically that's what the journalling says on the layout. 
This layout only shows one pair, I've got another 4 pairs to document!

Today I got in and did all of my boring housework so that, as soon as I wake up tomorrow, I can scrap.  In the afternoon we're (yes I am getting Maddie out of the house!) going to my friend's house for an afternoon of looking through her stash and then a lovely dinner.

I hope everyone's had a good week.
Jo xx


Sarah said...

The new sofas sound lovely!! Great layout!! i love PJs too! Enjoy your scrapping tomorrow! x

Sandra said...

Sounds like a good weekend planned. Have fun. Loving the layouts, funny how you managed one, when I wasn't there!!!

I wish you had called if you needed help moving your sofa's, we'd have come to help.

Winnie said...

Enjoy the new sofas! Maddie looks very comfortable in her "onsies"!!