Tuesday 8 March 2011

Spring's Almost Here.....I Hope!

Another few days have flown past and I don't know where the time has gone.  The weather has been great, although frosty in the morning, and spring is surely just around the corner.

Saturday we went to dinner with friends and had a lovely, homemade Key Lime Pie.  It was so delicious that I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture!  Sunday was a lazy day, which is just what Sundays should be every now and then.  The weather on Sunday was bright enough for me to photo a couple of layouts I did at a recent crop, I managed 3 on the day so I can't have been sitting too close to Sandra :)

I love this picture of Pippy (Paul's dog) and Alfie:
Pippy really is a lady and I love her to pieces, she follows me everywhere when she's here and she certainly lets Alfie know he's beneath her!  You can't see her very well but she's perched above him on the back of the sofa.

They are friends though and she does let him lay on the sofa with her sometimes.  When they first met she definitely let him know she was the boss and used to growl if he tried to play with her.  Now, if he's lying on the sofa, she will walk past, give him a quick headbutt and then run off!
I know I'm biased but Alfie is the most gorgeous dog and I can often be heard singing "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Puppy" to him :)
This title is so true, Alfie is a master and preempting where you are going to sit and jumping there first!  He loves a cuddle but really doesn't seem to understand that he's not a lap dog!  As I type this he's lying on the sofa next to Maddie with a look of disgust that says she's taking up too much room!

Talking of sofas, here's a pic of my new ones:

So much brighter than the old ones featured in the layout above.

Tomorrow I am planning on winning the triple rollover on the Lottery and then I'll plan how to spend all that money (the same as I do every Lottery day) one day I've got to win so my dreams and plans don't go to waste :)

Hope your week is going well
Jo xx


Lisa said...

Great sofa's Jo! fab lo's too
I've nominated you for a stylish blogger award,
pop over to my blog and grab the award


Sandra said...

EErrrrm, I think maybe that comment about me stopping you scrapping should be the other way around missy!

Fabulous layouts though - and no you're not biased he is gorgeous :)

Loving the new sofa's Jo.