Sunday 5 January 2014

Excellent Guard Dog

Hello everyone, it's me Alfie!!!
Mummy is busy taking the Christmas tree down and I'm so pleased about that because I didn't like it, if my toys went near it I was always too scared to go and get them!  Anyway mummy was so fed up with me sniffing all the stuff she was putting in boxes that she sent me away :( Never mind though because I've come here to tell you what a good boy I am.

The other night mummy couldn't find me and was wondering why she wasn't getting lots of cuddles from me.  The reason was she'd just baked some sausage rolls and had left them on the side in the kitchen.  Now I'm so good I only go in the kitchen for breakfast, dinner and if I want a drink but I saw those delicious sausage rolls on the side and I thought I'd better guard them in case that Lily cat from next door tried to get in and steal them! We all know that you can never trust a cat, I know because she's always going in my garden but I'm never allowed in hers, she doesn't play by the rules!

Mummy eventually found me and took this lovely picture of me:
And she was so pleased that I'd stopped Lily cat getting in and stealing the sausage rolls that she gave me one....boy was it lovely :)

Anyway I'd better go, I'm sure I hear Lily cat in MY garden again!

Hope to tell you more stories of how fantastic I am

Love Alfie x


Anonymous said...

What a good boy you are Alfie. My Kiera hates the hoover and if any of her toys are near it, even when it is not going, she will whine until someone goes and rescues the toy in question!

Lou said...

Ha Ha. You sure are a good boy Alfie! x

furrypig said...

well written Alfie what a clever dog you are!

Sandra said...

What a handsome and clever boy you are. Mummy needs to make you sausage rolls every week

My not so simple life said...

lol, What a clever boy! I think my pup Scamp would agree with you on cats, drives him mad that our cat is allowed upstairs but he isnt!

Alison said...

What a good boy you are, Alfie..glad mummy realised you deserved a treat!
Alison xx

arelierbymary said...

Sweet and cute dog. He looks like a earl :) Best wishes :) Mary.