Wednesday 8 February 2017

Funny Ladies, Funny Lives

There are two women on the telly box that I have always admired so it was great to sit down and have a read up on them in their own words.

It only took me days to read Clare Balding's My Animals and Other Family and it really did have me laughing out loud.  It tells where her love of animals comes from, how most of the animals in her life were put before her and how hard she worked to become a jockey before she became the sports presenter we know today.  I've been lucky enough to meet Clare and she is a hell of a lot more petite that she appears on TV!  This book was a real page turner.
Another woman I've loved since I was a little girl is Pam Ayres, there's just something about her voice,that gorgeous accent and her fantastic sense of humour.  Pam has led a really interesting life, trying out so many jobs that she just didn't have the "The Necessary Aptitude" for.  This is another book that tells of the hard work and determination it takes to make dreams come true.  I went to see Pam's show at the theatre a couple of years ago and she's still just as funny as she was when I first saw her in the 70's!
If it's chilly outside and you fancy curling up indoors with a book this weekend then I really can recommend either or both of these.

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Jo xx


Sian said...

I'd love to meet Clare Balding. She seems like one smart lady.

My Little World said...

I really like Clare Balding too, a real inspirational lady. Will have to look out for this when I next update my Kindle. Pam Ayres is a real blast from the bast - I remember her on/winning Opportunity Knocks, showing my age now! lol x

Sandra said...

I have such strong memories of watching Pam Ayres on tv and laughing out loud