Wednesday 22 February 2017

Week Seven and a Spot of Pet Sitting

Wow, I have been such a busy bee!  Here are the highlights from week seven:

I swam faster than I have in a long time and I felt great afterwards :)
Work has been busy!
Zumba was brilliant as usual :)
Alfie was my Valentine :)
Maddie won a book giveaway on Goodreads :)
I had a great midweek walk :)
I had a cold :(
I was really pleased with my weight loss :)
And I certainly enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I moved in to Sarah's to look after her menagerie while she's on holiday!
It was lovely to get on with some crochet with a dog lying near me instead of on me like Alfie does!
A collection of just some of the bowls at feeding time!
I went for a lovely walk over the golf course :)
And had a cuddle with one of my furry friends :)
I had a couple of little wins at bingo :)
I was told that Bingo doesn't go upstairs so it frightened the life out of me when he came up and climbed in bed with me in the middle of the night!
I let him decide where our walks would take us :)
And we saw a lot of spring flowers :)
A little robin came to sit with me while I was having the car cleaned :)
And then we spent the evening just chilling out on the sofa :)
This week has had a very hectic start and I can't wait for some down time at the weekend!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

What a BIG week! Hope Maddie coped with Alfie at home! I love those photos of your walk, the flowers and the robin. It was almost this time last year that we visited England & I must say I'm feeling lustful for your Spring blooms!!! Lotsa photos for moi, puleeeze!!!!!!!!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Busy as always Jo and looking very business like in the work photo. Hope this week is going well.