Wednesday 1 February 2017

So Much In Common!

I have just finished listening to a really great book and I can't believe I had so much in common with the lead character!

Christie Chapman is a single mum, like me, she works in an office, like me, she loves to craft, just like me!  Even her best friend is called Sarah, like me!  Christie dreams of giving up her job in the city to start her craft business, like me!

Something happens in Christie's life that knocks her for six and I'm not sure I'd be able to cope as well as she did.  Does she come through it the other side and get to live her dreams?

You'll just have to read the new book, Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses by Carole Matthews (another crafter), to find out.

If you're a Carole Matthews fan, like me, then I think you'll really enjoy this book and love the characters in it.  There are highs, lows and some laugh out loud moments :)

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