Monday 30 January 2017

Week Four With A Road Trip!

Week four was amazing, here are the highlights:

Alfie played a bit too hard in the garden and cracked a claw!
I had a lovely swim, I've settled in to doing the same amount of lengths each week (50) but I'm trying to do them in a quicker time :)
Zumba with Jo was lots of fun as usual :)
It was so cold in the office I didn't want to take my hat and coat off!
We had a quiz night, it was really hard but we came FORTH, the best we've ever done :)
I lost a pound at slimming and won the raffle :)
Dirty pudding was amazing!
I went down to see Paul and unfortunately my windscreen washer ran out of water so only Evian would do :)
I saw pretty Pippy :)
Paul got me these amazing presents for my birthday :)
We saw the celebrations for the Chinese New Year and had Chinese for dinner :)
I had a really lovely late birthday treat :)
I worked on my Moorland CAL :)
Sutton United were playing Leeds in the 4th round of the FA Cup, Paul wound me up by wearing his Leeds shirt but Sutton were victorious!
And before I knew it the weekend was over and I was back home with my boy :)
I'm hoping that the next seven days will be just as good.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


My Little World said...

Looks like a lovely week and weekend Jo, hope this coming one is just as good.

Jane x

Sandra said...

A good week for sure

Lizzy Hill said...

What a lovely settled week you've had. Well done with the 4th place....that's pretty awesome..... & looked like a great time with Paul..... go you with all those laps, too:) I find I often pick up colds when I go to our pool...but you don't seem to have that bother? Maybe there are no little kids peeing in the pool!!!

Sian said...

Your blanket is coming along beautifully. The colours are gorgeous.