Monday 23 January 2017

Week Three, It Whizzed By

Week three started wet and grey, here are the highlights:

I didn't let the rain stop me walking in the park in my lunch break :)
I got some gorgeous flowers from my colleague Michelle :)
I had a lovely swim in the evening.  I did get a bit frustrated with the amount of people who seem to have added swimming to their list of New Year's resolutions and then just stand in the MIDDLE of the pool just chatting!
The sun did finally show it's face :)
I went to Zumba and Jo had very kindly got me a little towel to mop me up when the workout gets a bit hard :)
My work sponser the local football team, Sutton United, and I had a little flutter on their FA Cup replay game on Tuesday, they won and so did I :)
I watched the sun going down :)
And then headed out for a 5 mile walk :)
I lost another 2lbs and got my 7 stone award!
Dirty pudding was old school!
Alice couldn't wait to show me her 'smartie' dress :)
I actually did some 12x12 scrapping and managed 3 layouts this weekend!
It was a cold and frosty, but very beautiful, walk on the golf course on Sunday :)
I did 6 weeks of Project Life while Alfie soaked up the rays of sun :)
And then I snuggled down with my crochet to watch Call The Midwife:
With my boy at my side :)
Now it's Monday and the start of a very busy week!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Virginia said...

Another fab week by the looks of it, well done you on the crafting front, that is one I haven't managed this weekend unfortunately. Loving that the rain didn't stop your walk and the flowers from your colleague are lovely. Hope you have a fabulous week!

Sian said...

Beautiful flowers! They give a hint of spring. Your crochet is looking gorgeous. I so still want to make this blanket too.

Have a great week Jo

Lizzy Hill said...

Well done with all that PL and scrapping.... impressive....excellent re: your 7 stone award - glad the sun shone & wtg with your flutter win!! Good week apart from those pesky pool peeps it sounds!!

Sandra said...

Well done on some scrapping Jo. I did some PL at the weekend, but am still hoping to do your five xx