Monday 9 January 2017

Week 1 - The One Where....

The first week of the year has been great, here are the highlights:

Alfie got caught up with the Christmas episode of For The Love of Dogs :)
I had to do my shopping but I wanted to get some walking in so I got my trolley out and didn't give a damn if I looked like an old lady :)
The weather has been lovely enough for me to walk in the park on my lunch break :)
Alfie took a shine to my ripple blanket and decided that's where he was going to sleep :)
I had a lovely 6 mile walk after work on Wednesday, it was nice getting back in to a walking routine after Christmas.
I've also pledged to #walk1000milesin2017 so I've been pounding the pavements at every opportunity :)
I was so pleased to lose the pound I gained over Christmas as well as losing a little bit more :)
Dirty pudding doesn't look much but tasted AMAZING.  A client had sent them to the office as a thank you gift and I can't describe how good they were.  They came from a company called Konditor & Cook and are well worth the money.
I was delighted when my weight loss journey featured in a local paper!
But I was sad that Christmas had to be packed away :(
Saturday was crop day and I had a fantastic time :)
It was also my friend Sarah's birthday so I went out out!
For a lovely meal with the girls :)
And then had lots of cuddles with my boy when I got home :)
I was up and out early on Sunday morning for a 4 mile walk :)
Before working on my bullet journal and catching up with Gilmore Girls.
In the afternoon I ordered a ton of photos and then got started on the Attic24 Moorland CAL. I've only done a couple of rows but I know it's a pattern I'm going to love :)
But now it's Monday again and back to work :(

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Virginia said...

It looks like you had a fabulous week after Christmas, well done you for getting straight back into the walking etc - you must feel fantastic!

Jane said...

I'm doing that blanket as well but have to keep unpicking, I'm easily distracted.Well done on all that walking, keep it up x

Sandra said...

I'm not surprised he's taken to the blanket, it's amazing. I'm putting my print out of you in my project life album. I know I'm dull and I keep saying it, but wow Jo, you're so inspirational

Sian said...

I was cheering when I saw you had made the paper. So well deserved!

LOL to the trolley. When I was little I used to walk to the library which was quite close to our house and I loaded my books into our shopping trolley and pulled them behind me.

Lizzy Hill said...

Great to see you're walking, even if it is winter! And well done on the newspaper article, I hope it inspires others to get fitter, too:) AND Gilmore Girls PLUS bullet journal. Oh, you are a twin! I've just discovered BJ's & having a BALL with mine:):)