Friday 27 January 2017

Beware The Imposter!!!

Slimming Worlders are great at taking a recipe and making it Slimming World friendly.  If there is anything you fancy trying then just Googling a recipe and adding the words 'Slimming World' will result in a huge array of recipes.  It really is amazing.  However, I personally think that some of these recipes actually hinder your weight loss because they make you eat more!
Take for instance the 'fake' pancake.  You take egg whites and maybe a bit of baking power and whisk it in to a froth, then you have to try and fry the froth!  When they're done they are indeed an eggie pancake BUT I don't and never have had pancakes on a regular basis.  As soon as I got home from group after we'd been talking about this recipe I made them.  Why?  I'd ended up eating an extra thing and it was a thing that I'd only ever had on Pancake Day!  What I'm trying to say is, if you don't eat something regularly then just SYN the real thing and if you go over your SYNs just that once then it won't really matter.
Another 'fake' that I had a go at making just ONCE was the roulade.  Now until that point I'd never even had roulade so all I was doing was adding something extra to my diet when I should have been looking at the things I need to cut out of my diet!  Getting hyped up about this recipe had just made me eat something extra that I didn't really need.  I think little things like this can be more of a sabotage than a help if it's something that you don't eat on a regular basis.
Now there are many hundreds thousands of great Slimming World alternatives out there for every day recipes and I will be sharing some of those soon.  What I'm trying to say now though is always ask yourself "do I really want/need this or am I just making it for the sake of it?" Fake foods don't always assist your weight loss.

I hope this helps someone question when to spend the time and effort creating a great dish and when to use some SYNs on a real, occasional, treat.

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Jo xx


Virginia said...

I totally agree on this one, finding a good alternative to your normal meals is brilliant, but adding things to the diet not so much, I remember trying slimming world years ago and finding that I suddenly had this urge to eat muller light yogurts almost constantly - needless to say the weight didn't shift, but then I wasn't a major yogurt eater prior to it - so like you say adding rather than subtracting from the diet.

My Little World said...

Great post and outlook Jo. I have got to a point on WW where I am stuck...I am not gaining but neither am I losing too. Why?? I don't really know but what I do know is that I need to stick to what I know and trust (and like) and stop fixating on 'quick fixes'.

Jane x

Sian said...

I think you make a really good point here.

Sandra said...

Very well said