Friday 3 February 2017

Super Speed....y

I know just how hard it is to find an eating plan that fits in with a hectic life.  I work full time and I do some form of exercise every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then on Thursday evenings I'm at my Slimming World group.  Add to that a daughter who's a fussy eater and it's almost like I'm fighting a losing battle and thoughts of shoving a pizza in the oven seem an easier option.

I never go for the easy option though so I've found meals that are quick, simple and tasty.  On Tuesday I go to Zumba, as I head out of the door I shove a jacket potato in the oven for fussy daughter and it's almost done when I get home.  When I get home I quickly slice some mushrooms and tomatoes and fry them in a pan, using Fry Light of course!  I add to that some of a frozen stir mix from Tesco that has zero SYNs and all speed food.
I add to that some fish, this week is was Sea Bass.
And 10 minutes later it's on the plate, that really is fast food!  I get to enjoy a meal packed with speed foods while fussy daughter enjoys her jacket potato.
After dinner I like to have a dessert and these soya yoghurts are amazing!  They come in three flavours and range from 1 to 1.5 SYNs, they're thick and creamy and I really feel like I'm having something naughty at the end of my meal.
Even Alfie loves them :)
Nowadays there are so many different, pre prepared foods available that it's really  not hard to make your eating plan work for you.

I hope this helps someone.

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Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

I think it's easy to get 'suckered in' to those pre-packaged supermarket foods, when in actual fact it takes no more time than if you cook the rice yourself, & cook up a fast stir fry..... it's all a matter of having the recipes & ingredients on hand, being a bit organised eh? BTW....looks yummy!!!

My Little World said...

Producing good, healthy home cooked food doesn't have to be time consuming. With a little bit of forward thinking and planning you can cook up something yummy in no time. Your stir fry looks lovely - one of my fave things and with WW (the plan I am on) its pretty much point free.

Jane xx

furrypig said...

loving all the SW tips you are sharing Jo you are an inspiration to soooo many of us xxx

Sandra said...

More tips like this please xxx

Sian said...

That looks so handy and delicious. I love the idea of pepping up the frozen mix with mushrooms and tomatoes.