Thursday 8 April 2010

Oh What A Beautiful Day

The weather has been fantastic today so I really didn't want to be stuck in the office but heyho I need the money to buy more gorgeous I haven't got enough already! (stash that is not money)

Got home and spent some time in the garden with Alfie and then one of my thoughtful neighbours saw that we all had windows open and washing out so they decided to treat us all to a bonfire.  Don't you just love people like that, I always want to say to them "Hey when's it my turn to hold the axle so that the world can revolve around me?"  There was a moment that I thought they were going to catch their fence alight and Alfie was going mad, he must have been a firefighter in a past life.

Talking of Alfie and past lives, I honestly think he used to be a dolphin.  Ok so he hates water but I discount that, the thing he loves most and the thing that makes me think of a dolphin is..............he loves to have his tongue tickled! How weird is that, he can sit there for hours with my hand in his mouth stroking his tongue :o)

Here are some scrapping delights that I've been working on recently. They're both from page kits that Sandra, of Gotta Craft fame, made us for a Thursday crop.  She really does look after us and it's lovely to not have to sort out stuff for the crop after a hard day at work, I just grab my tote and go.

Maddie with another friend, a sheep.  You wouldn't get away with getting that close to a sheep now, health and safety would probably stop it.

More flowers and buttons

I love these fabric Thickers, in fact I just love all Thickers

This one is of  the Walled Garden in Bushy Park.  I'd been going to Bushy Park near Hampton Court for about 30 years before I ever knew it was there.  It's tucked away in the middle and it's like Teletubby land with lots of rabbits, ducks, a stream and even a totum pole! Great for picnics

How great would it be to have a real button tree?!

Enough rambling from me but one thought to ponder on if you have nothing better to do.....why is there always a Lottery Rollover on a Bank Holiday, at Christmas or when the Grand National's on?  It's almost as if it's a fix because those are the times people are more relaxed and more in the mood to have a flutter on a Lottery ticket.  Can you tell I love conspiracy theories???


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Sandra said...

LOL ... ok, I'm expecting to hear more of your conspiracy theories, but you do have a point! LOL

Loved reading this post, and how funny about Alfie, now they say dogs take after their owners! enough said LOL.

Of all the days, yesterday was one of the first fab days of the year, why on earth do people have to be so rude! I mean, why choose a wonderful day to have a bonfire, so annoying. Still, you managed to get some amazing layouts done. Good grief woman, you're on a mission, maybe I will sit next to you tomorrow and hope some of you rubs off onto me LOL. Love what you've done with the kits - and yup, Health & Safety would never allow that now, would it? What a shame :(