Tuesday 6 April 2010

Super Sunny Spring Day

So the weekend was a washout but as soon as I step back in the office the sun puts his hat on and comes out to play.......not fair! I did have a lovely walk in the park with the dogs after work so it wasn't all bad.

I didn't have any luck at bingo last night, just there to make the numbers up as usual.  I think I'll purchase a lottery ticket in a minute and see if I fare any better with that.

Here are another couple of layouts from the Sarah's Cards March Kit.

My nephews, it's not until I see them photographed like this that I realise how alike their facial expressions are.

Lots of buttons this time but I think they look so good on kids layouts, especially when the subject of the layout is the male species LOL

The next layout is of a day we had at Legoland, I really wanted to go on the cars and drive round the little town but age was against me.  I don't remember ever having something like that around when I was growing up, we went to a zoo when it was a zoo and only had animals and a little train going around it!

I look at Maddie in this picture and wonder when the smile went and the scowl arrived, when she became a teenager I guess.  To be fair to her we do have a laugh when nobody's around but it's not often the camera catches it.

As usual there are more flowers

Tonights interuption of CSI Tuesday is purely for Sandra's benefit so she can see I can keep up with blogging :o)

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I got a lovely parcel today from Sarah's Card.  I managed to get one of the grab boxes and it's gorgeous, I'll take a picture tomorrow so you can see all of the lovely things I got and just in time for my crop on Saturday.......result

1 comment:

Sandra said...

I think I may start nagging if I don't see you blogging at least twice a week LOL.

Fabulous layouts Jo, and I have to say, buttons should be on every layout.

Now about that lotto ticket, don't forget your friends if you win ... and Yes, I mean me!