Saturday 17 April 2010

Sunny Saturday

I've been so busy, well more like a social butterfly, this week so no blogging.  I went to bingo and finally had a win, I won a whole £3.33........I won't let it change me though, I'll still be well grounded!

It's a beautiful day here today but at 6:30 this morning there was a thick fog, my car was covered in a rusty coloured dust so I don't know if the fog was caused by the volcanic ash passing over the country.  I'm pleased I don't have to fly anywhere but feel sorry for the people stranded, I know on the last day of my holiday I blow all my money so I would be stuck if I had to spend extra days away.

My car failed it's MOT, 2 tyres were need at a cost of £90.  I would have enjoyed spending the £90 far more if it had been on stash.

I've also been busy sorting out my bedroom so that I now have a lovely craft area in there just for me and I love it, no more sharing the dining table so I'm hoping to get lots more things made.

Here are a couple of layouts I did with the March Sarah's Cards Kit

I love Peter Pan and the thought of never growing old and we had a lovely day in London which included going to see the Peter Pan statue.  We also went to see the Elfin Tree, if you've never seen it then go.  I'm working on a layout of it at the moment.

I love my Martha Stewart round the page loop punch

Maddie looking all grown up, she's actually gone out today, to the cinema with a friend and it's so quiet at home lol

I'm going to spend the rest of the day scrapping, I've been looking forward to it all week  xx

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yvette said...

hi Jo, finally found your blog, I love the LO's, the loopy punch works well, and the stamping is great!