Friday 13 May 2016

Five Favourites Finished

At last my five favourite photos are scrapped and in my album sitting in a pile waiting to be filed away!

Me and my Great Nephew, when this photo was taken he was called Alfie and my dog Alfie was so proud a family member had been named after him :) Next time I saw my Great Nephew he was called Reggie and that's the name on his birth certificate....I think!  My mum is very pleased because her dad's name was Reginald :)
Me and my BFF Sarah on a night out, I have photos of us together dating back over 30 years and I know there will be a lot more of us together on my pages.
My niece Alice with her brother's (clean) pants on her head, these photos make me laugh so much :)
Maddie with yet another hat on.  We love the Marvel character Agent Peggy Carter and this photo really reminds me of her, I think the polka dot paper gives it that comic feel.
And finally me and Paul on a night out.
So another five pages done and lots more of my ancient stash used!

I'll be back soon with my five favourite photos from April.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Look at you go, using up old stash. I love the variety in your pages here....I think my fave is Maddie. I have a thing about dots/spots and you've used them so well on this page! I do love your BFF one, too.... those bright fun pp's are right up my alley. Well done getting this lot done, dusted and ALMOST filed away;)!!! Have a lovely weekend, too:)

Susanne said...

Five favourites finished fabulously.

Sian said...

Thing is, none of it looks old at get stuck in and make it look fresh with those photos you love. Brilliant.

Becky said...

I love all these layouts but particularly the Maddie one :)