Monday 2 May 2016

Week Eighteen

Week eighteen was a fun one, here are the highlights:

Waking up extra early meant I had time to scrap before work!
Alice came to visit us at the office, she also ate some birthday cake!
Everyone from the office went out to lunch to celebrate Jemma's birthday :)
I had this amazing burger!
The weather stayed dry enough for me to cut the grass after work, 10 minutes after I'd put the mower away we had thunder, lightening and rain!
Surprisingly I had a maintain at slimming, I was so sure it would be a 4lb gain so I really enjoyed a guilt free dirty pudding :)
My lovely friend Sandra stopped by the office and bought me this beautiful cup, I kept threatening to steal a cup she has with little feet so she thought it was best to get me my own.  I think I need a pair though so she'd better keep an eye on her one :)
I went down to Paul's for the weekend and we went out for a lovely lunch :)
The sun was shining which was a bonus :)
I managed to finish Project Life 2015 and start Project Life 2016, in fact I managed to complete 11 weeks!
We went for a lovely, long walk and had a very enjoyable pit stop :)
And we ended up at the beach, which was very windy!
Last weekend there was a massive landslide there, this picture shows, or rather doesn't show, the path that me and Paul were standing on when I was last here.  The part of the path we were standing on is now at the bottom of the cliff!
We had a lovely Chinese takeaway, a very rare treat for us because we both enjoy cooking.
And I even managed to get some cross stitch done!
And before we knew it our busy weekend and my busy week was over.

This week has had a great start with a Bank Holiday!

I hope you have an amazing week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

That there is one HUGE week... Loving your cup. Might have to come nick it before we leave the UK!!! LOL.... Seriously impressed by all the PL you've done & YAY to a long weekend;) !!!!!!

Susanne said...

Yes, I can see why the footed tea cup could go missing - it's darling. And kudos on the Project Life - that's an impressive amount to have finished. Have a good week.

My not so simple life said...

Looks like a great week, you lead such an exciting life!

Sian said...

I hope your week is going well. You amaze can fit in lots of outside stuff AND making things too. I seem to manage only one..usually inside, making things!

Sandra said...

Firstly you're not allowed anywhere near my cup cupboard lol. And yay for cross stitching, project life catching up and scrapbooking xx

By the way, how did you eat that huge burger lol

Becky said...

What a lovely tea cup! Love the photo of you and Paul - definitely one to be scrapped.