Monday 23 May 2016

Week Twenty One

I have just had a really lovely week, here are the highlights:

I got home from work and built a little fence!  I have great neighbours and we're always talking over the fence but their mean cat, lol, winds up my poor Alfie and he barks himself hoarse.  With this little fence he can't see the cat and I still get to have a chat :)
Maddie was being a bit silly at work!
I had a lovely 4 mile walk :)
Alfie refereed a fox fight from the living room window, my curtains lost! (That blur in the top left corner is Maddie trying to photo bomb!)
I had another loss :)
And enjoyed dirty pudding :)
Alfie loved spending lots of time outside :)
I hadn't been to bingo for ages and it was nice to have a little win on my return :)
Sunday morning was a coffee in the garden while still in my PJs morning :)
Then getting the car washed.
Before enjoying some scrapping time :)
I cut the grass while Alfie enjoyed the tennis balls his friend Bingo had sent over for him :)
And then I enjoyed the last of the sunshine while reading in the garden.
It was such a lovely week and a relaxing weekend.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

It really really does look like a great week xx

Susanne said...

Lovely and relaxing - what more could you ask for.

Ali said...

Life is so much better with sunshine. Well done on your loss.

Sian said...

It sounds perfect

Lizzy Hill said...

SOunds FABULOUS....well, apart from the ripped curtains! Poor Alfie with that cat 'teasing' him.....that is MUCH better with a fence to stop the shenanigans :) And the coffee in your PJ's? Taking a leaf outta my book! Best way to start the day I say!!!

Alison said...

You are doing so well with SW...wish I could get my head back around it! Xx