Monday 9 May 2016

Week Nineteen

Week nineteen is over and done with, here are the highlights:

Monday was a Bank Holiday so I had a relaxing day with Paul :)
Alfie was so pleased with his new bed :)
It was lovely to go walking in the sunshine :)
Alfie was pleased that I'd cut the grass for him.  He loves to eat grass cuttings and will dive into the bag, grab a mouthful and then run off looking at me all the time as if he's laughing :)
There are some beautiful blooms in the garden at the moment :)
I carried a.....cantaloupe :)
As the weather was so nice I decided to head down to Paul's for the weekend:
And paddled in the sea for the first time this year, very refreshing :)
Pippy hates getting wet so she was happy to just sunbathe on the beach :)
And before I knew it the weekend was over and I was home again, someone was very happy to see me:)
I also managed to sort out and order 13 weeks of Project Life photos, it's the little jobs like that that I can really crack on with when I'm away at Paul's!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

No WAY? Really? You were only 20 mins away? Yes! We were in London - but for some reason I thought you were in a country town??!!!!! Aaaah well - next time;)!!! Loving your photos even more now I've just been-// 13 weeks of PL ordered. Yes! And it looked lovely, the beach.... Enjoy the Warner weather :):)

Sandra said...

Any week filled with gorgeous dogs, is a very very good week xx

Sian said...

It looks like there were lots of good things in fact you could almost say you had the time of your life, apart from the ..canteloupe that is :)

Becky said...

Looks like you had a good week - looking very trim in that selfie :)

alexa said...

Paddling in the sea? Already? I admire your bravery! You seem to have had a lovely and varied week, and are looking very well in your photos.