Thursday 13 January 2011

History Repeating Itself?

Tonight was Maddie's parent's evening and I went along and heard how nice she was, how polite she was, how intelligent she was, how she was always on time and how she needed to apply herself a bit more.  I remember the same thing being said to my mum about me, except I didn't always turn up at school!  I'm so pleased with the reports she got from her teachers and it was very apparent that they liked and respected her, do I get the lazy so and so to apply herself.  Answers on a postcard please :)

I was having a massive stash sort out the other day.  I have hundreds of 12 x 12 bags of part used kit so I decided to sort them all out in the hope of using them all up.  I put all of the bits and pieces of paper together, the buttons went in my button tub and the blossoms in my flower box.  All other embellishments went in a large biscuit tin,  of course I had to empty the tin first and very nice the biscuits were too!

While doing this I found two layouts I did last year, I had totally forgotten I'd done them!  The first is my nephew Jack on his third birthday last April, I know I did the layout soon after so it's been stuck in some dark corner for a very long time now!
He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and got a bouncy castle for his birthday present. 

The second layout I found was another one from Maddie's 16th birthday in June: 
She had wanted to see Wicked for years so I got her tickets for her birthday.....nice, cheesy grin when she opened them :) 
I've been disappointed on and off all day today because I keep thinking it's Friday, of course I know it's not Friday because if it was it would be my birthday!  I can't wait until the weekend because I've got some really crafty things to try including the A Mini A Month challenge over on Karen's blog.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Winnie said...

Well done on the stash sorting, and the LOs are fab!

Sandra said...

How funny, I was just wondering how people stored they papers and embellishments?

Gorgeous layouts Jo ... can't believe you've been hiding these from us.

Way to go Sam :)

Karen said...

Well done on sorting out your stash and two fabulous LO's :) I particulary like the glitzy alpha's used on the LO of Maddie.