Saturday 29 January 2011

Scrappy Space

At last I have somewhere lovely to scrap and it's all thanks to Paul.  I normally scrap on the dining room table but when it's time to eat I have to pack everything away. This means that if I have 20 minutes to kill before dinner there is never any point in getting my scrapping stuff out because I only have to pack it away again straight away.  Paul has changed all of that by firstly spotting a desk on sale at B & Q for £15, then assembling the desk, then adding another shelf to it, adding some work space on top of a set of shelves I already had and even by getting the sewing machine out!  Here are the results of his hard work:
I now have lots of shelf space to have some (not all) of my bits and pieces out.

I won't be forgetting about Stickles and mists because they're not hidden now.

The punches, flowers and buttons I use most are now within easy reach.

My alphabets and lovely Thickers are all where I can see them.

And this is where I go to scrap now.  I am so happy and can't thank Paul enough for doing all of this for me.  Where did his use of the sewing machine come in?  He stitched the bunting together for me!  The reason for the bunting is because it's on the shelf he added, the shelf had a raw edge and rather than just get some veneer edging I decided I wanted something more fancy :)

I gave it all a test run today and managed 2 layouts in the time it took Manchester United to beat Southampton in the fourth round of the FA Cup!

I hope your weekend has as much happiness as mine.

Jo xx


Lisa said...

Looks brilliant Jo!


debbie r said...

it looks so lovely jo, i hope you have a lot of fun with it and what a lovely oh you have :)

Sarah said...

Wow, looks a lovely scrap space, Jo.....enjoy it!!!

Karen said...

Wow that looks great, what a lovely place to be able to sit and craft :)

Sandra said...

Oh Jo, it looks just fabulous ... I'm loving it. The bunting is great, really sets it off.

Winnie said...

Wow, looks so neat and lovely. Love the bunting you made for it. Awesome!