Friday 1 January 2016

New Year = Fresh Start

This year is going to be the year I get to target, no more messing around!

I did so well in the lead up to Christmas with this amazing loss just 2 weeks prior to Christmas:
Followed up by another fantastic loss the following week on Christmas Eve!
Christmas is over now and I really enjoyed it, I didn't overindulged but I known I've gained (6lbs in fact!) and that is what Christmas is all about really, spending time with family and friends enjoying good food.  It happens once a year so I'm not going to stress about it.

Anyway, the New Year is here now and it's time to get back on the plan.  To help me stay motivated I've taken a couple of "where I am now photos" after all I have lost almost 4 stone already!
And on the first of each month I'll pull these same poses again to see where I'm heading, hopefully as the months pass I'll notice the difference a whole lot more.
So I've already jumped out of bed and got my blood pumping with a little bit of Zumba, doing this first thing in the morning really helps me feel good for the rest of the day!
And those jeans I mentioned in this post are a long way off fitting me but I am so determined to get in them by the summer!
I feel more ready than ever for this journey and I'm actually looking forward to it!

See you next week for an update
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That's an amazing loss to date Jo. You should feel really proud. Great idea to put it "out there" and keep yourself accountable. I had absolutely no idea what I weighed so I stepped on the scales this morning to find out. I've always gone more by how my clothes fit, but it gives me an idea of how much I'd like to lose.

Sian said...

You have done so well! I'm cheering you on for the year ahead and wishing you absolutely every success!

debs14 said...

I went to weigh in on Wednesday and everyone was jumping off the scales very quickly! You've done so well and you know you just need to get back on track again. It's so easy to 'forget' to count those syns over Christmas! Good idea to do those photos, I bet those jeans are done up by the summer!

Anonymous said...

You have done so well Jo that I am sure you will get to goal this year. You have such determination. Hoping that I can do the same! Good luck

Lou said...

You have done really well Jo - good luck getting to target x

Alison said...

Keep up the good work Jo....I am determined to get back on track this year!xx

Barbara Eads said...

I admire your continued commitment to getting healthy. Even when you have less than a stellar week, you manage to not let it get your down. You just start again. That's why I'm sure you are going to have continued success!! I'm going to remember you as my example this year to just keep at it!!

Unknown said...

Hiiiiiii�� I've found you ������. Love the blog it makes me smile ����������. I'm back on Thursday all ready to go and your my inspiration ������.

Sandra said...

I know you'll do it. I'm in awe of you .... Go for it xxx

Melissa said...

Best of luck with your goals this year! I'm on the same path and posted my beginning-of-the-year photo, too, hoping it'll be an encouragement to see changes throughout the year. Way to go getting some Zumba in right away!