Friday 15 January 2016

Too Sweet!

This week I was really good and did a lot of planning and prepping:
Overnight oats meant I could get breakfast ready in the evening when I had more time.
I made sure that the leftovers from our Sunday roast (Slimming World friendly of course!) were used for salads.
I tried to make sure half of my plate was full of speed foods.
I made some lovely Slimming World recipes.
I did lots of walking and exercise.
And this is what I saw on the scales!
I think the problem I have in the weeks after Christmas is that I have a tooth that is sweet.  Now normally I can control it but, over Christmas, I really let myself go and why is Christmas.  The trouble I have is reining it in after Christmas.

I'm going to enjoy this weekend, it is my birthday weekend so no holds barred, and the I'm cutting out the sweet things from Monday.

I'm going cold turkey so wish me luck :)

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

I am wishing you luck!

You are making me laugh, though. I had been wondering whether to nip out to the shops or make do with what was in the house until tomorrow. Your lovely food pictures have made me think I'll go out

Becky said...

I am sure you will get back on track properly after your birthday! You certainly seem to be doing all the right things!

My Little World said...

Good luck, I have just started Weight Watchers.....looking forward to my first weigh in next Wed. Am going to try the overnight oats for myself as they are WW friendly too. Jane xx

Sandra said...

My sweet tooth was always my worry at slimming world. But enjoy the weekend xx

TaraE said...

Some very tempting foodie photos there Jo! Good luck with getting back on track, I've the same problem & find Christmas & birthdays a real problem!! Txx

Unknown said...

You'll see the effort in the next weigh in...I also had a maintain after sticking 100% to plan!

Lizzy Hill said...

Oooh! Birthday time....have a WONDERFUL one....& I hear you on the sweet tooth thing. I figure if I've have one choccy I might as well have two. The odd thing is, if I don't have any, I actually don't want them...go figure! I reckon they put stuff in them to create cravings!!! ANYWAYS....ENJOY your birthday..... next week you can worry about the weight. And you didn't put any on, so that was a bonus:):)

Alison said...

Good luck with getting back on track......I've started again too! Xx