Tuesday 26 January 2016

Week Four

Week four was a lot quieter, that's not to say it didn't whizz by though!  Here are the highlights:

The weather was dry for a change and it's not been as dark when we've left work!
This boy is getting more and more handsome and his tail is still going in to overdrive :)
It's been cold enough to freeze the water in the park!  Me and Maddie couldn't decided what to call this, it's too big for a pond but too small for a lake:
Dirty pudding :)
I saw this cheeky miss, my niece Hells Bells :)
At the weekend I tackled a job I've been putting off for ages, I sorted out my wardrobe! It helped that I was watching Downton Abbey (a birthday present from Maddie) while I did it.
And I got  rid of two massive bags of clothes!  It felt so good :)
I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine before having a lazy Sunday afternoon :)
After having a very springlike week rain is on the horizon, never mind because I'm sure this week will be a good one.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

Lets call it a poke ... half way between pond and lake lol.

well done on the sort of our clothing, its not an easy job at all, but it feels good when done. xx

Sian said...

A poke! That's a good one. Round here a poke is one of those cones you sometimes see old fashioned sweets in. My Grandma used to talk about buying a poke of sweets

Good job on the clothes. Room for a few new Spring things?

Melissa said...

I need to do some closet clothes sorting, too! Looks like it was a nice week!

Lizzy Hill said...

YAY to clothes sorting.... it's funny, but it makes one feel much lighter when you can see room in your wardrobe. My hubby tells me it's just an excuse to say 'I've got nothing to wear'...so I can go buy more....but I contend since most what I buy is from the Op shop, it's really SWAPPING stuff with a donation added...... justification;) And love seeing photos of the outdoors - that night time [ish] one looks lovely. Frozen 'poke'...hmmmm .. bit cold for me!!! Hey, I have to say, love getting your comments on mine. Wish I could blog more about real life, but my scrapping seems to get in the way, LOL!!!