Monday, 22 May 2017

Week Twenty And I Got My Stitch On!

The year is going too quickly and week twenty is over already, here are the highlights:

The rain didn't stop me going for a walk in my lunch break!
And it was still raining when I finished my swim in the evening!
Zumba was brilliant and VERY hot!
I had a practise run with my sewing machine and made this headband :)
I lost 3lbs this week and it made dirty pudding taste all the sweeter :)
I had a giggle with Alice, she taught me that catastrophe means a big disaster!
I went to the Charter Fair in Cheam Village.
I had a very naughty dinner at bingo!
The weather was so lovely I actually wore my shorts!
I had a snuggle with Rufus :)
I thought about cutting the grass but then decided I couldn't possibly get rid of all the daisies :)
And finally I made myself a pair of pyjama bottoms!
It's been a really lovely week and I'm looking forward to what the next seven days brings.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Becky said...

You look so pretty in that scarf! Really shows off your slim face. Happy for you that you can now start making your own clothes again. I love daisies too and they are a great excuse not to cut the grass aren't they lol!

Sian said...

That's one pretty foxy looking hairband!

Anne B said...

You are an inspiration. I've been iffmolan for nearly couple months - moving out of our house, staying with friends, weekend away, two weeks holiday tomorrow just has been impossible to stay on track. Feel my clothes getting tighter. Moving into new house on Isle of Wight when we get back and we plan to get back to our healthy way of eating then. Hope I don't find I have put on too much!!

Anne B said...

Off plan

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