Sunday 5 August 2012


And the living is easy…I wish! Today it's time for Storytelling Sunday over at Sian's.

Seeing as it's August and meant to be summer (we've had torrential rain here today) I started thinking about summers gone by.

I remember the sun shining for what seemed like the whole of the school holidays. I remember us heading off to the beach early in the morning and having sights like this greeting us:

I love spending time at the beach no matter what the weather but those lazy days of summer were special. Small clouds passed over head like people drifting in the sea on lilos. When dozing on the sand the breaking of the waves sounded distant, everything seemed so relaxed.

During the day we'd go for a wander around the town:

I always loved walking around harbours looking at the boats, seeing the fisherman examine their catches.

I always dreamed of living somewhere like this no matter if the sun is shining, the wind howling or the rain pounding down.

I remember spending so much time in the sea during those lazy summer days, playing games on the sand, people watching. I remember leaving at the end of the day and hoping I'd be returning soon.

I wonder now if the weather has changed the summer or if it's the pressures of being a home owning adult that make those bygone days seem more relaxing.

We've all got a story in us so head over to Sian's at From High In The Sky and tell yours.

I hope you're having a great weekend.
Jo xx

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Thursday 2 August 2012

August Already!

The year certainly is whizzing by so fast and July was a lovely month for me.  I had time away from the computer and blogs and got out in the sunshine to enjoy the little and the big things.

There was another birthday in the family so another gorgeous cake made by my sister, Jemma.
The sun shone brightly so the kids got to play in the paddling pool.
Every time I go to my Mum's there is a house full thanks to the school holidays.
The big thing this month was the Olympic torch passing the end of my road.
I really didn't think there would be that many people there, I thought they'd all be in town but, I found out later in the day, the end of my little road had the biggest turn out in the area.  Not only were there masses of people it was also the place where the 'kiss' was to take place!

The atmosphere was incredible and, being such a huge fan of the Olympics, I was blown away!

I was lucky enough to be able to jump on the coach with Paul for a visit to Weymouth on the day the sailing events started and the weather was gorgeous.  I also ended up in the possession of one of the only pieces of Olympic paperwork that says "Weymouth and Portland Olympics 2012" as opposed to "London 2012"!
I have also been knitting, cross stitching and scrapping!
My favourite ever picture of Paul!
I hope that you too are having a lovely summer.

Thanks for visiting.
Jo x